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The earliest known example of the MAUNDER surname
A Maunder home in 1600

Page 2

"Cameos of My Childhood" - memories of the 1850s by Jane Ellen Maunder

Page 3

A Maunder in the Stocks - Robert Maunder 1643
A Maunder in Revolt - 1549
Arsenic poisoning of five Maunders - 1900

Page 4

John Maunder - a convict banished to Australia - 1821
Maunder findings from the Commonwealth War Graves

Page 5

Samuel Maunder's Treasury of English History
Henry Maunder - a 1515 merchant
William T Maunder - in Kansas USA in 1895
A Maunder Horse Brass
The Maunder family of Oakford, Devon, England
A Maunder murder most horrible
William "Podge" Maunder - Australia's soccer international

Page 6

George Peter Maunder - a Wesley disciple and his son:-
Edward Walter Maunder - astronomer at
Greenwich - the Maunder Minimum

Page 7

Kenneth Conibear's memories of Canadian wilderness adventures

Page 8

Fanny Mary Maunder - London to New Zealand

Page 9

The Les Maunders Newsletters page         

Page 10

How and why the Maunder family came to Tamworth Australia















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