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We were not very interested in Family History (genealogy) until 1988 - the bicentenary of the
arrival of the first permanent European settlement in Australia (known as the First Fleet).

In February of that year, we discovered that we were both descendants of First Fleeters.
Noelene's ancestor was Peter Hibbs, a sailor on the Sirius, flagship of the Fleet. I am a
descendant of Matthew Everingham, who arrived aboard the Scarborough. Like most
people of the First Fleet, Matthew was a transported convict. He had been transported
to Australia for the mean and despicable crime, at the age of fourteen, of taking two books
and trying to pawn them.

Back to February 1988: we found that much research had been done on the history and
the family tree of Matthew Everingham, thanks to the tireless efforts of Valerie Ross and
her massive family listing entitled Cornstalks. This book listed more than 19,000 known
Everingham descendants (of an estimated total, in 1988, of 120,000). We could find
extremely little regarding the history or the family tree of Peter Hibbs.

We started tracking down whatever we could find regarding Peter Hibbs and his family.
As a result, we have a Hibbs database of over 13,000 people - and it's growing all the time.

We also decided that we would try to document all of my Maunder family relatives in
Australia. So far we have a database of more than 86,000 around the world.


I am a member of the Guild Of One-Name Studies, which is based in England.  The aim of the Guild is to have
members research one particular surname and to try to compile a database of all people worldwide who have that particular
 surname – and their descendants.  Naturally most (but by no means all) members choose to research their own surnames.  So I have the task of finding details of all people anywhere and everywhere in the world (past and present) who have
the surname MAUNDER – or are descendants of a person who had that surname. Included are variants (Maunders, Mander etc). 

All of the information I gather is locked away in a vault (an electronic one) at the Guild Of One-Name Studies and it will remain locked
away (this is guaranteed) until the year 2040 – unless I nominate a different year.  At that time I (or a successor nominated by me)
will either give permission for the information to be made public to proven Maunder descendants or a further future year will be nominated. 
It will be a kind of “Maunder Time Capsule”. 

So far I have gathered details of more than eighty six thousand (86,000) Maunder descendants worldwide and this
information is being securely stored for the benefit of future Maunder family researchers.


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